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Are you a parent? If so, you can understand the importance of helping your child learn basic writing skills at an early age.


Before my daughter started kindergarten, she was frequently reversing or incorrectly drawing the letters.


I was hoping once she started kindergarten, she would grasp the concept in a classroom setting.


Unfortunately she did not. I was constantly meeting with her teachers, trying to come up with solutions to help my daughter with her writing skills. Later, from researching I learned my daughter was dysgraphic.


I started color coding letters so that my daughter could have a visual of how to trace each letter, and amazingly color coding each alphabet helped my daughter to remember the shapes, and she was reversing letters less frequent.


 It's been a journey; my daughter is attending college now.


Every chance I get I have to tell her how very proud I am of her.


She still has obstacles with her handwriting not being neat, but that is because of the dysgraphia. I sometimes joke with her and tell her I scribble myself.


But she is able to write the alphabet letters correctly, because color coding helped her to visually remember the shapes.


Sonya Bryant Miller